About Us

Delivering the Ad Finder to you every Thursday!

Pick up the Ad Finder at one of 1000’s of location throughout central Missouri. From west at Marshall, Mo. To the Mississippi River…and 3 counties in western Illinois.

Proven. Effective. Since 1983

Only the Ad Finder offers the Community Calendar FREE!

Place your non-profit events and happenings. Free! Always has been always will be!

Plan ahead with the comprehensive Ad Finder Auction Directory.

Meet Our Staff

Owner/Manager: Rod Talley Since 2009

Office Manager: Wendy Kelsay Since 2015

Proof/Ad Design: Carol Hagen Since 1998

Ad Design/Web: Sophia Exendine Since 2020


Our Sales Team

Joe May Since 2013

Jim Jeffries Since 2020

Tracey Northcutt Since 1999

Alan Northcutt Since 2021



Delivery/Fleet Manager Harold Vansickle Since 2009

Our delivery drivers take great pride in their job with the Ad Finder. Harold says

“ We actually manage our drop points, and keep them clean and tidy” And with better control of our distribution, we are better able to track efficiency.

Our History

The Ad Finder was first published and distributed in March of 83’ by then owners Noel & Naomi Umfleet, and managed by Bob Hicks until 2008.

Noel saw the need to help small towns & communities reach beyond local advertising effectively and economically.

New Owners

Rod Talley has worked with the Ad Finder in sales and account management since 1998. So it was an easy decision for him and wife Gina to purchase the Ad Finder when Noel retired in Jan. 2009.

The Original

The Ad Finder is the 1st of its kind in central Missouri and has always strived for the best possible value and service for our advertising and readers alike.

Inovation, Color & Change

Have you ever considered where the phrase “copy/paste” started?

“It was a very time consuming process!” says Rod “We actually had to CUT a photo, CUT the typed words from that piece of paper, then

PASTE them onto wax paper…then puzzle all those images and words together” The computers and computer software are great tools. Saving time and creating clean , clear graphics for printing.

Rod says “We’ve come a long way since those copy/paste days. But one of the first and biggest changes is going full color. Another tremendous change is www.adfinderonline.com. “Although our printed issues are here to stay, our online issue is great because readers and advertisers outside of our distribution areas can read the current issues each week.”

“We have advertisers that have been with us since week one! And we will continue to strive to maintain the best possible service and results for many more years to come!” - Rod and Gina Talley